George Asher

When George Asher fell at home and fractured his right ankle, he chose Life Care Center of Andover, Kansas, for his rehabilitation.


Asher was using a controlled ankle motion boot when he arrived on Sept. 14, 2016, and, as one would expect, he needed assistance with walking, balance and getting from one surface to another. The fall not only impacted his mobility, however, but also his ability to take care of himself. He needed moderate assistance with his bathing, hygiene and dressing, and he had some trouble thinking clearly and expressing himself due to aphasia.


Five days a week, Asher worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists to overcome these obstacles and get better. He strengthened his legs with exercises and worked on his gait and relearning self-care tasks. Cognitive exercises helped him improve his thinking and language skills.


“The therapists worked very hard for me and went out of their way to help,” said Asher.


The hard work paid off. On Nov. 8, Asher had his CAM boot removed, and on Nov. 11, he returned home with his family to assist. He was able to take care of himself better, and he was walking with a walker. 

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