Left to right: Ivey Hardison, physical therapist; Jean Edwards; and Corrina Hein, occupational therapist assistant

A fall broke Jean Edwards’ left pelvis and wrist.


After a hospital stay, Edwards came to Life Care Center of Andover, Kansas, on Feb. 7, 2017. She started off not being able to wheel herself in a wheelchair because of her broken wrist. She needed extensive assistance with her daily hygiene tasks and moderate assistance to bathe, get dressed and get out of bed. She needed minimal assistance with transfers, as well as balancing while seated.


Edwards could not bear weight on her left leg for 11 weeks, but there was plenty the therapists could do to help her recovery. She was able to exercise from a seated position using the Omnicycle and NuStep® machines, and therapists used electrical stimulation to improve tissue healing and lower pain.


“I had excellent therapy,” said Edwards. “The therapists used a wide variety of equipment to restore my wrist and hand to full range of motion. When my doctor gave permission for me to stand, I was immediately able to walk. I am very pleased to be home and completely back to my activities.”


Edwards returned home on April 14.