Lonnie Polson with Steve Hendricks, physical therapist assistant

On Feb. 27, 2017, Lonnie Polson came to Life Care Center of Andover, Kansas, for rehabilitation after chemotherapy for colon cancer.


The cancer and treatment had left Polson very weak, and physical and occupational therapists set to work to help him go from needing moderate assistance with his self-care tasks and mobility to where he would be independent enough to return home.


Polson underwent therapy five days a week. The PTs and OTs used the NuStep® and Omnicycle exercise machines to help him strengthen his upper and lower body and a rebounder (or mini-trampoline) for balance training.


“I’m glad my therapists pushed me to work hard to get better,” said Polson. “I feel much better than when I first arrived to start therapy. Walking, stairs and using a cane is much easier with better balance and less back pain.”


Polson was able to go home on March 24, living next door to his son. He was independent in many of his activities of daily living and only needed supervision with walking, getting up and sitting down, grooming and bathing.