Mohammad Shinwari with Brandy Wallace, occupational therapist assistant (left) and Ivey Hardison, physical therapist

After a hospital stay for a pressure ulcer on his toe and an infection, Mohammad Shinwari needed rehabilitation before he would be ready to take care of himself at home.


Shinwari came to Life Care Center of Andover, Kansas, on June 2, 2016. When he arrived, he was in a lot of pain and required extensive assistance with walking, bathing, getting dressed, grooming and transferring from one surface to another. He had trouble with cognition and speaking, and he was experiencing hypotension, in which a person’s blood pressure drops when he or she stands or sits up.


Therapists evaluated Shinwari and started him on physical, occupational and speech therapies five days a week to help him meet his goal of returning home. They did strengthening exercises, balance activities and gait training and worked with the nursing team on wound care, medication management and blood pressure monitoring.


“They helped me get rid of my pains and dizziness,” Shinwari said. “You’re expert therapists in reducing pain.”


On Aug. 18, Shinwari returned home. He was able to walk with a walker with supervision, take care of most of his self-care tasks on his own and think and communicate at a normal level.